Who Cares!!?

This is the reality we face in today's world. The tragedy is that some people and governments tend to glory in seeing others suffer while they glamorize in and through whatever they delight in; even at the expense of those who pay for it, directly or indirectly. When a government or their allies make these situations the status quo, then justice is denied people and there can be no peace in the minds of those who perpetrate such inhuman treatments/situations. It is mere hypocrisy for anyone or group, including Church organisations to think that sending relief or "humanitarian" aids to those people who starve, while supporting their home government. They are responsible for the continued existence of the oppressive governments of those persons and the civilized or developed world closes its "eyes" to the plight of victims of oppressive regimes. In the name of diplomacy many peoples have been robbed of their rights to freedom, justice and fairness, while they ride on their backs to "enjoy" temporary pleasures they are not willing to let others have. Even if one is not a Christian, the principle of justice and fairness is embedded in many traditional cultures. My Igbo ancestors say: "Egbe bere, ugo bere..." which translates as: let the kite perch and let the eagle also perch (on same tree/branch) The snag is that they believe that if either should forbid the other from perching, it should be punished with the shredding of its wings. The point is that my people had the sense of justice and fairness before the arrival of Christianity. Let us try and face this home truth and cease deceiving ourselves that we are doing charitable works while directly and/or indirectly supporting and encouraging the perpetration of oppressive regimes in developing nations in any part of the world. In reality we are all one and the Creator knows well in advance what our intentions are for doing what we do/intend to do. We always have a good and real reason for doing anything/something. The Almighty knows us more we know ourselves. Our INTENTIONS make all the difference and God knows our heart


Information About Name

Fr Ukachukwu Sebastian A. Onyeabor
P.O. Box 8735
Omaha, NE 68108
Easter Sunday, 2006

To One and To All

After serious deliberation, based on an ideal orientation, I wish to state categorically, the following: My first name is UKACHUKWU. My baptismal names, on record: Ukachukwu and Sebastian. Sebastian is my middle and not first name. My other family given name is AZUBUIKE. These significant family/native names mean a lot to us and to me.
Onyeabor is our family name (Surname). My names should run thus: Ukachukwu Sebastian Azubuike Onyeabor. As a Catholic Priest of the Roman Rite, my proper appellation should be Fr Onyeabor. Fr Ukachukwu is informal, but acceptable. "U.S.A" are my initials and not a pet or nickname. Mary Abraham was my name in Religion and some philosophy/theology seminary colleagues may decide to keep that as a pal name. Please such forms of address as: Fr Sebastian, Fr Seb., Fr Sab., Fr Sebby etc are hitherto unacceptable. Let us avoid embarrassments. Please let the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe and presbyterate as well as Bigard Memorial Seminary (now, St Joseph's Major Seminary) Ikot Ekpene and Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu, take note. All former documents remain valid.
I pray the foregoing information, rooted in the culture of love and love of culture, be graciously accepted and adhered to by all. May God bless and keep you all. Amen


Ukachukwu Sebastian Azubuike Onyeabor (Rev. Fr)
350 N. Silverbell Road, Unit # A-21

Tucson, AZ 85745

Revised: June 9, 2008


Who does not love the "Roses"?

Who does not love the Roses; love to see the rose bloom? It amazes and surprises me to see and/or think of people who see need for themselves and their family having "fun" and yet would deny others, either by word, action or silence, any similar "enjoyment". My heart bleeds seeing innocent children denied of the chance to enjoy some basic things God freely and benevolently gave us in this brief life. Some powerful men and women and even governments take delight in taking sides with the few rich and greedy ones as they oppress the poor and marginalized in some societies. The truth has been that in most African countries it is the case that some Western powers/developed nations are in league with the African leaders to the detriment of their peoples. "Equality, fairness and justice for all" is only a documented issue; never to be a reality in the lives of many in those nations. I believe with you that: "what is good for the goose, is good for the gander" My Igbo ancestors would say: "Onu rie, onu e rie, onuma alaa" Let us all do something to give peace a chance.