Who Cares!!?

This is the reality we face in today's world. The tragedy is that some people and governments tend to glory in seeing others suffer while they glamorize in and through whatever they delight in; even at the expense of those who pay for it, directly or indirectly. When a government or their allies make these situations the status quo, then justice is denied people and there can be no peace in the minds of those who perpetrate such inhuman treatments/situations. It is mere hypocrisy for anyone or group, including Church organisations to think that sending relief or "humanitarian" aids to those people who starve, while supporting their home government. They are responsible for the continued existence of the oppressive governments of those persons and the civilized or developed world closes its "eyes" to the plight of victims of oppressive regimes. In the name of diplomacy many peoples have been robbed of their rights to freedom, justice and fairness, while they ride on their backs to "enjoy" temporary pleasures they are not willing to let others have. Even if one is not a Christian, the principle of justice and fairness is embedded in many traditional cultures. My Igbo ancestors say: "Egbe bere, ugo bere..." which translates as: let the kite perch and let the eagle also perch (on same tree/branch) The snag is that they believe that if either should forbid the other from perching, it should be punished with the shredding of its wings. The point is that my people had the sense of justice and fairness before the arrival of Christianity. Let us try and face this home truth and cease deceiving ourselves that we are doing charitable works while directly and/or indirectly supporting and encouraging the perpetration of oppressive regimes in developing nations in any part of the world. In reality we are all one and the Creator knows well in advance what our intentions are for doing what we do/intend to do. We always have a good and real reason for doing anything/something. The Almighty knows us more we know ourselves. Our INTENTIONS make all the difference and God knows our heart