A New Planet

Not long ago we got the news that a Team of Planet Hunters sighted a New Earth-Like Planet. I was thrilled they did not say "they created" another planet, but that "they discovered" a new planet that could be habitable like our earth. A sigh of relief that man this time around did not arrogate to himself that quality and/or capacity "to create" that is the sole reserve of God, The Creator. God gave us wisdom and free will to explore, decide and comment on issues. Steven Vogt, one of the Astronomers of the University of California, Santa Cruz, made leading and valuable remarks that could widen our animal curiosity. How far this brings us closer to our search for the Ultimate is any one's guess. Heaven is a "state" not a "place" or "locus", in re. In love God gave us this planet Earth to inhabit, a planet we can manage. If you prefer to venture to the new found planet that has a good balance between hot and cold, according to Steven Vogt's team of astronomers, good luck. May all things lead man to salvation and Glory To God. Amen.


Vocation To The Priesthood

Just thinking loud the other day: my thoughts flew back and forth. Suddenly they settled on something quite disturbing to me: call to the Catholic Priesthood in today's world. I had some shivers through my spine, some goose bumps, then some tears. Growing up in my Igbo Nation of Africa (Biafra), some 60 years ago, it was a different story from what one could observe today, back home as well as in the developed nations. The media - print, electronic and entertainment, appears to be hype the difficulties of nurturing a vocation, or even being open to the silent voice that invites the young man/lady to a special relationship with God in the priestly or religious life. People are so busy with what one could consider trifles that no room is left for hearing and answering an invitation from God to a life of dedicated service as the God Man Jesus Christ taught and did. May God spare His Church from the attacks of such enemies as the Media. Amen and so let it be.