It is either we are not serious or we decided to muddle the waters. Way back when the English Dictionary had the definition of the word "To Create" as: "to make something out of nothing; to bring into being or existence something that never existed, without the use of any outside help or instrument or adjunct" What do we hear/read/see today?; man has assumed the power "to create", seen by the random use of that sacred word that should be reserved to God, the Supreme Being/Creator of all that exists. You often read "created by Mr/Mrs .....". Doubtless, we have a range of word choices. What has happened to such words as: invent, discover, found, explored, initiated etc. Seems we have left those words to aliens so men could switch over to be "creators" of whatever. Wow, what an advancement in the world of created beings!! What a misnomer!!! Could this be the act and instrumentality of atheists, evolutionists or their like? Please could some person of real intelligence correct this, before we turn ourselves into something else.