Once Upon A Day

I had goose bumps. Thinking loud could generate lots of emotion. I sat quietly one bright morning and began thinking loud. Shortly after, I wondered about one day when some of us who are so greedy, will find themselves alone on this planet. The one will have all the cars, million dollar mansions, trains, aircrafts (big and small) etc; including of course AIR FORCE 1 used on this planet by the most powerful nation's president. I wondered how this person would feel:over-joyed, satisfied, depressed, frustrated or .... Greed is not good, no matter how much we try to rebrand it. Good luck to all who are guided by the spirit of greed; I pray they come to their senses before too long.


Ndi Anya Ukwu

Once in a while I stop and begin to think of persons who tend to be greedy, envious, jealous, negatively, crafty and ingenious, cheating etc. Such persons, my Igbo people will call "Ndi Anya Ukwu" - literally (people with big eyes), basically people with avid, monstrous and growling insatiability. Once upon a Day, it may be thought that such a person will find himself/herself alone on this planet - owning all the mansions, cars - just everything there is (endless litany). When my thought fly thus, I get goose bumps and instantly cease this mind wondering. Then the question: why can't we live moderately and as my Igbo people will say: "egbe bere, ugo bere" - let the kite perch, let the eagle perch. Why the hot blood and desire to eliminate your brother/sister so you inherit whatever? Why the idea of exploitation of the weak because you feel you are smarter/stronger etc? Why the desire to dominate others, dictate for them? Why feel your culture is superior to others? Again the questions go endless as long the Godless human condition perdures. May God help us and deliver us all from greed, envy, avarice, jealousy and all negative inclinations: may He gift us with all the virtues that make us more Christlike and Godly. Amen and I seee ee e eh