The Cow and The Fly

Our course at this time in the University in Omaha, NE, had to do with violence and non-violence. I told my lecturer and colleagues this Igbo folklore about the Cow and the Fly. At the end of the story, our Prof. who is of Irish origin said: "No Father, that was an Irish folklore, not Igbo" Here goes the story, though: Once upon a long time ago, the animal kingdom tried to instill sanity in the kingdom. Careful and diligent observation showed that the cow flouted all the rules and bylaws. This upset the entire population of the animal kingdom. After a general meeting to which the cow decided to be absent, a resolution was made to send a one-animal emissary with a special message to the Cow. When most bigger animals declined, for fear the cow could kick the hell out of them, in anger, the fly volunteered to be the harbinger. On the eventful day, while the animals met at the village square, the cow stayed some distance away eavesdropping. At the end of the meeting the mother fly decided to immediately go on her agreed errand. She was yet to finish her message from the animal kingdom when the big cow stepped forward and crushed her into the mud that "glued" her wings which prevented her from flying out of danger and proximity of the cow, if threatened. On seeing that the fly has been crushed to death by the cow, the rest of the animals fled for dear life. Those living close to mother fly's home told her family and baby flies that it was the cow that killed their mother. The flies, as one, went to express their disapproval and grievance over the death of their mother at the hands of the cow. The cow did not show any remorse and so the flies swore not to give the cow or her children any rest all their life; hence they perch on the cow's nose, eyes, ears, tail etc. They perch on all vexing parts of the cow. They vowed to keep the cow miserable forever. Hence the fate of the cow till date. The morale of the story is that it is not by might but by mutual respect and understanding that we could co-exist, make progress and root out terrorism completely. Let's all work for peace, justice and love. God bless all who see need to eliminate violence in a world God wants us to "enjoy" before an everlasting abode.