Every Roman Catholic Priest is aware of his vocation to be Eucharistic, every day of his life. Celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass should be uppermost in his mind, nothing should ever stop him from celebrating this Sacrament of God's love to humanity.  From the Catechism of the Catholic Church, we all know the benefits of the Mass, for whom and why they are offered.

It is not about you, the Priest; it is about the Holy Will and Plan of God, our Creator.  Like every child of God, your guardian Angel and hosts of Angels surround you, particularly being the Alter-Christus, these Spiritual Beings accompany you, everywhere.  As St Pio of Pietrelcina {Padre Pio} once said: "feel free to send your guardian Angels on errands..." They are there to 'serve' us as they serve God. Personally I have often tried to do this: ask my guardian Angel to keep Jesus company after I begin my holy hour, before the Blessed Sacrament, and suddenly have need to step out of the Chapel. I simply genuflect on two knees before the Blessed Sacrament, turn and bow towards the kneeler I feel my Guardian Angel is staying and say: "please, keep the Lord company while I step out.... thank you"  I have always had the feeling that I have not left Jesus - the Prisoner of Love, alone.  My guardian Angel kept Him company in my brief absence.

Our awareness of this ever-presence and company of our Guardian Angels, should help keep the Priest, by God's grace, conscious of the avoidance of mortal sin. 

You Are On Your Own

It is evident that today you hear this loud and clear: people make comments that portend to say: "YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN".  You and I have to take care of our body and most importantly our soul,  more than anything else. The choice remains yours and mine - to care or neglect our body and soul or not. And since we have only ONE LIFE TO LIVE, AND ONE DEATH TO DIE, it becomes imperative that we make the best of the few seconds/hours at our disposal to take care of things that really matter. The next moment may be too late; we have no one to blame but ourselves. Blaming others will not help, rather may increase our pain of loss.

Take care not to expect anyone to take care of you - not the government,  not your family or community and unfortunately not even the Church. The responsibility is all yours; except maybe for the very young and infants. In this case, the responsibility is ours, the adults (parents/guardians) to give early guidance and direction to these young minds. Engage them in family devotions, the Holy Rosary, night prayers, family reading of the Holy Bible and quiet time, etc.  We see this exemplified by construction companies re-doing a highway, tethering young plants to avoid omnidirectional winds from deforming the young plants, yet to dip its roots into the soil. The tethers are professionally removed when the roots are sunk deep into the soil.  And now, they can stand the winds, from wherever side they come.  This is what happens with grooming a young man/lady in the faith, for instance; you do not allow the child to  grow up and make up its mind on what to believe in; such a soul may end up being mal-formed, rudderless.  Eventually, this 'boat', 'canoe' or 'ship' will end in utter disaster. 

But after you and I have done our duty/homework, laying a solid foundation of faith and practice for this young fellow; if in later life, this young man/lady  allows the external world and peer pressure to obliterate all that he/she had from the family, then he/she has the full blame. ONLY  WE DO NOT STOP LOVING AND PRAYING FOR THEM, giving good examples of care, love and patience towards them. Such good friends as Saints Monica and Augustine come immediately to mind - have recourse to their intercession. Finally, entrust everything to God and Our Blessed Mother Mary.


This is yet another attempt to begin my blog website. Hopefully this gets through for all friends and well-wishers to be able to share ideas through this medium. Remain ever blessed.


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