Talking About Mary

Last Sunday we were privileged to celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, Body, Soul and Spirit. As Catholics we should be so proud and raise our heads high in jubilation for having such a Figure in God's eternal plan for our Redemption. Mary is the co-Redeemer of the Human race. That the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God could not save us without the vital role of Mary, is clearly seen in all Scripture. God found no other way; ONLY through Mary was your redemption and mine possible. She is the way through which God came to us; she is the surest and most certain way back to God: the Way, the Truth and the Life. This may appear to be one of those mysteries of God, but actually not; in the sense that it is not beyond our comprehension. The reality of the actuality is not beyond the grasp of our finite minds. It is nothing compared to the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Christian Catholics go to Mary and She will lead you securely and certainly to Jesus. A priest friend of mine told this story which I wish to paraphrase: a lady came into a Cathedral, knelt in front of a statue of Our Lady, praying. A gentleman on a scaffold in one nave of the Cathedral whispered "woman, here is Jesus", she ignored him, a second time he said the same thing, she ignored him. Wanting to get some attention the man got a little louder, saying: "Jesus is here" to which the woman yelled out: "keep quiet Jesus, I am talking to Your Mother" This may seem a joke, but if you and I think really hard we'll see Jesus pleased with His Mother's intercessory role in our salvation, a path God charted out for Her from all eternity. A.M.D.G.