Just A Meal

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This post was originally posted in one of my 'non-functional' 'less effective' blogs after my Silver Jubilee celebration in Omaha, NE.

By God's grace, I came back from Omaha, NE today. On Sunday, August 21, I celebrated the Mass of the Silver Jubilee of my Priesthood Ordination at St Cecilia's Cathedral. I was blessed with a warm acceptance/invitation of Archbishop George Lucas for this Silver Jubilee. The Host Rector, Very Rev. Michael F. Gutgsell was very hospitable to me as usual - accommodated me at the Rectory, provided, FOC, the Cathedral Meeting place we used for the reception after Mass. The story and pictures of this event will be ongoing. The "Label" for this post "Just A Meal" has two objectives: first to tell of the Eucharistic Sacrificial Meal of/with the Lord Jesus as I mark my 25 years in Roman Catholic Priesthood, the Meal we shared with guests after the Mass and finally to tell African Visitors of this blogpage about an African Eatery I found this time. It is called Sholiz Food, Inc. located on 86th/Maple streets in North West Omaha (8602 Maple Street) One can visit their website at www.sholiz.net Good luck and may all who visit this blog remain blessed. All your comments are welcome.

Once Upon A....

Our course at this time at Creighton University in Omaha, NE had to do with violence and non-violence. I told my lecturer and colleagues this Igbo folklore about the Cow and the Fly. Our Prof. who is of Irish origin said: "No Father, that was an Irish folklore, not Igbo" Here goes the story: Once upon a long time ago, the animal kingdom tried to instill sanity in the kingdom. Careful observation showed that the cow flouted all the rules and bylaws. This upset the entire population of the animal kingdom. After a meeting held in which the cow decided to be absent, a resolution was made to send one animal delegate with a message to the Cow. When most bigger animals declined, for fear the cow could kick the hell out of them in anger, the fly volunteered to be the bearer of the message. On the eventful day, while the animals met at the village square, the cow stayed some distance away eavesdropping. At the end of the meeting mother fly decided to immediately go on the agreed errand. She was yet to finish her message from the animal kingdom when the big cow stepped forward and crushed her into the mud that had "glued" her wings that prevented her from flying off to safety if the cow threatened. On seeing that the fly has been crushed to death by the cow, the rest of the animals ran away and those living close to the home of the flies went and told her family and baby flies that it was the cow that killed their mother. The flies, as one, went to express their grievance about the action of the cow. The cow did not show any remorse and so the flies swore not to give the cow or her children any rest all their life, hence they petch on the nose, eyes, ears: they petch on all vexing parts of the cow. They vowed to keep the cow miserable and restless forever. Hence the fate of the cow till date. The morale of the story is that it is not by might but by mutual respect and understanding that we could co-exist, make progress and take off terrorism. Let's all work for peace, justice and love. God bless all who see need to eliminate violence in a world God wants us to "enjoy" before coming home to heaven, if we live according to His Holy will.


We Are The Church Militant

To my readers/followers who are yet to meet Michael Voris with his program on Church Militant.TV, I will humbly introduce him to you. Please take a few minutes each day to listen to his topics that are very challenging and a good enough "wake up call" to both ardent and lukewarm Roman Catholics. Sign up at www.churchmilitant.tv for free daily messages; later you may be inclined to sign up for a 'premium account'. It's worth it. May God be blessed and keep Michael Voris and his "Archangel Michael Apostolate"  A.M.D.G.