Could this really be called a "Culture" issue? I am talking about modern day crave/rave for pleasure. Pain or anything that has to do with the cross/suffering is fought against and eliminated at all costs. Minimizing is no longer acceptable. In modern medicine, the pangs of birth and death are almost completely a non-issue. Sometime ago, some holy persons were known/said to die in the ardour of sanctity; these souls pass on very peacefully/quietly. Today this time of exit from this life, is chemicalized and or commercialized with drugs that eliminate that which even Christ divinized/shared. Pain. When Jesus cried from the cross: "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani..." they thought he was asking for "a drink"; they offered him some pain relieving stuff: He politely declined/refused it. The God-Man wanted to go the whole length of His redeeming death. I, indeed sometimes wonder if I am getting crazy about this "God-talk". Sure, I am not. I am in full control of my sanity. Again, it is clear to me I am not a sadist: however I have some concerns about the rate at which we sell/buy into the hedonism that is plaguing our society. Perhaps it began from the Western hemisphere and spreading like wild fire, or perhaps from the Eastern. I do not know; God knows. It appears we are being overtaken by the jingles of TV/Radio/Newspaper ads. Think of the: "play, laugh, grow" advertisement that is directed to the kids. What is wrong in: "pray, laugh, grow"? Is it any wonder that the moral fabric of society is being eroded? I imagine God alone has an answer, but we've got to help Him to help us. I do not know; God knows. Should I keep my eyes shut and mouth sealed for the reason that "I am no better than the society I 'criticize'"? That will not be godly/prudent a stance. I believe the more I play the "prophet" to society in whose life I share, the harder my judgment will be. I am not afraid, though. I do all in love and concern, in the hope that God is ready to help each and all to achieve that for which we were made - heaven. A future blog story of "The python and the squirrel" may throw some light to this concern I have. In that life in/with God, we will play best, laugh best and grow completely into the Divine.


Happy Guardian Angel Day

Beloved Guardian Angel Ukachukwu,
My name is Ukachukwu, the one person His Divine Majesty entrusted to you on the 14th day of November, in the Holy Year 1950. It is so amazing that you have no other "job" except me. Since I came to the age of reason I have always thought of your duties towards me. In God's eternal and omniscient plan, you were born in eternity the day I was born in time. The Almighty Who inspired my parents to name me Ukachukwu, had same name for you. You were given the sole responsibility of taking care of, guiding, guarding, directing and protecting me, to God's glory. You have always done an outstanding job in this regard; unfortunately I have very many times failed you by not co-operating with your promptings to accomplish only God's Holy will. For those moments I failed you in God, I am awfully sorry. Tomorrow is a special day Holy Mother Church set apart for us humans to recall your presence in my life and thank God for your mission in my life. I will offer a Mass of Thanksgiving and Reparation to God. I will write you again soon; but please continue your Divine assignment towards me, your Namesake, Ukachukwu. Before I put my pen back into the ink pot, do permit me to thank and remind you of your most recent deed of protecting me. Remember I was on call this night and was paged to the Hospital. I guess you delayed my leaving my room by some minutes, only to come out at our gate to see an accident caused by and/or involving "racing" youths or adults, right outside of the gate. I could have been a victim of this terrifying scenario. I had goose bumps reflecting on your great acts of keeping me in safe places at the proper time. I cannot thank you enough nor can I thank God enough for giving me into your hands for safe-keeping. Thank You God for giving me to Your Angel Ukachukwu to take care of Your adopted son, Ukachukwu Onyeabor. I am awfully sorry for not always following his lead in doing Your Holy Will, in which is our peace, here and hereafter.
Ukachukwu Sebastian Azubuike Onyeabor (Rev. FR)